Spice Blends for Mansaf

Spice Blends for Mansaf

Mansaf is a dish of lamb, rice and cooked youghrt. This spice-kit consists of 3 different mixes:

Meat stew mix (100 gr)

Fried Meat Spice mix (100gr)

Elbabour Spice Mix for cooking yoghurt (100 gr)

Zaafran( 100 gr)

Price: 39.00$
100% purity and natural quality without any preservatives or other added subtances


A kit for preparing Mansaf

Mansaf is a dish that combines meat, rice and cooked yogurt. It is a festive dish, served at big events such as engagements, baptism and circumcision, and traditional weddings. The dish is served in a large baking tray (a mansaf in Arabic) with all the ingredients common in Arab cuisine – bread, rice, yogurt, almonds, pine nuts, parsley, and minced lamb meat. For a truly Nazarene meal, based on local produce, you can swap rice for freekeh or bulgur wheat, which is grown in the Galilee region.

Elbabour offers four unique spice blends for an exceptional Mansaf taste:

1) A blend for frying meat before grilling or boiling

2) A blend for large pieces of meat

3) A blend for frying ground meat

4) A blend for cooking yogurt*

* It is also advisable to buy saffron, which gives color to the rice and yogurt.