Elbabour Spices for Vegetables and Vegetarian Dishes

Enhance your health by enhancing your vegetables

An ever-increasing number of people are recognizing the importance of including vegetables in their daily diet. Research has shown that there is a connection between an increased level of vegetable consumption and a decrease in the risk of cancer, as well as heart and artery-based illnesses. 

Research has also shown that the health benefits of vegetables can be amplified with the addition of healthy spices. Sage, rosemary, turmeric, chili pepper, ginger, cinnamon, saffron and parsley all offer multiple proven health benefits, everything from memory enhancement to metabolism boosting to anti-inflammatory and tumor-shrinking properties. 

With the completely natural versions of these spices offered by Elbabour, you can be sure you’re reaping the maximum health advantages. 

Vegetables and Nazarethian cuisine

Vegetables are a mainstay of Nazarethian-Galilean cuisine, due to the agricultural makeup of the local region. Since ancient times, farmers in the Galilee area have grown their own vegetables, which have become an integral part of a typical Nazarethian meal, whether served as an accompaniment to the main dish or as the main course itself. 

Vegetables have also emerged as an important part of Christian fasting days. When Christians abstain from eating meat, their days are blessed with vegetable-only dishes, assigning vegetables with the title of 'Fasting Food'.

Give character to your vegetable dishes with Elbabour spices

In addition to upping the health benefits, spices and seasoning can also add just the right amount of flavor, color and frivolity to any dish that contains vegetables. Generally speaking, the following spices are well-suited to vegetable seasoning: salt, coriander, paprika and black pepper. The latter should be added cautiously as it is a strong and warm spice. Rosemary, sage, parsley and saffron also add a sumptuous touch to roasted vegetables.

At Elbabour you’ll find a wide range of local spices, including light spices that are ideally suited to vegetable-based dishes. Our spices are of the highest quality, created using natural processes, and prepared with the extra heart and soul that has been our tradition for 120 years.