The historical background of “Elbabour”- Galilee Mill

About Elbabour 
Located in the heart of the holy city of Nazareth, the 120-year-old, family-run Elbabour Galilee Mill is renowned for its range of exceptional homemade spices, which not only help sate both physical and spiritual hunger, but also provide a connection to the Arab-Nazarethian lifestyle and traditions in the Galilee region. 
Our spices are milled and manufactured without preservatives, flavor enhancers, food coloring or any other synthetic substances commonly found in processed spices. Our spices are based on fresh harvests sourced straight from Mother Nature, and our medicinal herbs provide a natural healing power that promotes health and wellness. 

We also offer a range of organic products including oils, dried fruits, gourmet coffee, incense, legumes, nuts, chocolates and sweets.

For those who love to eat, but would rather have it healthy, Elbabour is your finest choice. 

Processed by hand, with love
The entire spice manufacture and milling process is carried out on-site under the close supervision of the owners, Jarjoura and Tony Kanaza, who treat their spices as if they were their very own children. They love their spices, and serve them to you from their heart straight to your plate.


Discover the Nazarethian-Arab culture 
Elbabour continues to thrive decade after decade because it is so much more than a spice store. The Mill has been at the heart of the city of Nazareth and an important economic, political and cultural center amongst the Arab-Israeli citizens for over a century. Its identification with the city and the entire Galilee region make it an ideal place to get to know the state of mind of the Arab sector in Israel, mingled with the Christian culture. 
We invite you to experience Elbabour. The passion and the secret processes all add that little touch of enchantment to every purchase you make.