Fried meat spice- mix

Fried meat spice- mix

ried beef\lamb spice- mix upgrades the meat to taste delicious. The spice is suitable for frying and contains Paprika, Curry, Cardamom, Garlic and more
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Fried meat spice mix

Improve your fried meats to taste delicious with Elbabour's fried meat spice mix. The spice is suitable for frying and contains paprika, curry, cardamom, garlic and more.

Veal and lamb are the most common meats in the Arab kitchen in general and in particular the Nazareth kitchen, used in many different dishes.One of the most common methods in the Nazareth kitchen for preparing meat is to fry it in a layer of oil, high heat, before the start of the cooking process; this removes odors and makes for juicy meat, and a filling, varied and interesting dish. But for this to happen, spices must be added during the cooking process.

The Elbabour spice mixture contain paprika, curry, cardamom, garlic, etc. Marinade your meat in our spice mix, then fry in hot oil for fifteen minutes, both sides, until the meat is golden.