Elbabour Spices for Meat

Make the most of meat with Elbabour spices

In the city of Nazareth, meat and chicken often make up meals of celebration and indulgence, and this has much to do with the region’s religious landscape. Thirty percent of the Nazarethian population follows the Christian faith in which fasting is a common practice, serving as an expression of discipline and spiritual focus as well as imitation of Christ.

Meat and sweet dishes are taken off the menu during these fasts, leading to a great desire and yearning for these foods. When fasting ends, sumptuous meat dishes once again take center stage. Meat dishes are meticulously prepared and richly seasoned for meals worthy of their central place in Nazarethian cuisine.

Generous seasoning makes for a worthy meat course

Seasoning has long been a major component of meat dishes since the ancient days of Nazareth when cattle was reserved for dairy products, making meals with a meat course few and far between. When a meat dish was to be served, it was no less than a luxury and cause for major celebration, as well as major preparation. That’s where the abundant use of spices and seasonings came in. It’s been that way in Nazarethian cuisine ever since, and Elbabour spices have long been relied on to create these other-worldly meals.

Spices enrich the flavor of meat, of course, but they also offer a number of health advantages. Research has shown that the simple addition of seasoning as well as certain vegetables, including onion and garlic, contributes to a decreased absorption of carcinogens, which are created when preparing meat at a high temperature. Elbabour spices decrease the negative effects of carcinogens thanks to the powerful antioxidants that are preserved in their all-natural processing.

Find all the spices you need to upgrade your meat at Elbabour

In order to make the most of your meat dishes, we recommend white or black pepper, nutmeg, cumin, paprika, clove, ginger and coriander, amongst others. Each will give the exterior of your meat an incredible flavor and help it stay succulent on the inside.  

At Elbabour we offer the spices that will provide authentic, fantastic flavor for your meat dishes.