Spices for Desserts

The icing on the cake: Elbabour's sweet treats

In addition to being a spice emporium, Elbabour is also a haven for anyone with a sweet tooth. Our shelves are loaded with gourmet chocolate, sweets of all kinds, dried fruit, even sweetened nuts for that sought-after mix of sweet and savory. 

For centuries, people all over the world have come together over the delicious indulgences of dessert and other sweet treats. At Elbabour, we seek to nurture these connections with our wide and varied selection of delectable delights. 

Elbabour spices - the ideal addition to your very own desserts

While it’s true we live in a time when dessert, candy and sweets are manufactured industrially by machines, commercially-made desserts don’t rule in every corner of the globe. In the Arab kitchen in general, and the Nazarethian in particular, dessert and sweets are still made traditionally by hand, in a way that is reminiscent of how they were made long before they became so widespread. The homemade desserts are enhanced by the addition of spices, which can bring out the character of even the simplest of recipes.

If you too prefer your desserts to be homemade rather than shop-bought, Elbabour can help you find the precise spices you need to make your homemade desserts into homemade delights. Taste how our spices can give your baking an otherworldly flavor. Most spices at Elbabour are based on plants that grow in the Galilee such as rosewater, citrus flowers, anise and more.