Meaning of Lent by Tony Kanaza: כותרת
At this time us, Christians, fast the Lent. This is a special time for us. We feel the fast affecting us inside, it’s really energetic. There is a kind of restfulness, renewal and peace with ourselves and the surrounding. It may sound a little bit strange that a fast, which is actually a 40 days vegan diet, can make such a change. I believe that at this time, Nature fills us with its energies. Those energies help us to do away with the unimportant and concentrate on the essence: The spirit. The goal of this fast is to transcend above the substance, in order to remind the spirit it is the more important and that it rules the substance, not the other way. We put less material energy in our body, and so it gets the opportunity to clean itself from toxins and strengthen inner powers from within.
: תקציר
: תוכן