The story behind Pierina Spice blend.

Pierina is my mother, and a great inspiration in my life. She taught me many things, but most importantly, she taught me what love is. In her calm way and endless giving to me and the rest of our family, she taught me everything one needs to know.

Young Pierina studied in a French school in Nazareth called "St. Joseph’s”. The nuns loved her so much that they asked her to stay after graduation and become a teacher. She agreed and taught at the school until she became engaged to my father. My brothers and I studied at the same school, which still exists. According to school regulations, a married woman couldn`t serve as a teacher, so my mother had to quit. Although Pierina didn`t teach at "St. Joseph’s” after that, luckily enough she kept teaching us. Anyone who has ever met her is captivated by her honesty, intelligeance and charm. Pierina speaks Arabic, French, Hebrew, English and some Italian. So if you meet her, you can easily communicate!

When I grew up and left home, I knew how special my mother was. Every son loves his mother because of what he receives from her, but I understood that my mom is more than a good mother. She is a woman with a big heart and she has her fine way of doing things. I don`t remember her ever shouting at me. She taught me that there`s always another way of doing things, the way of love and gentleness. I was always very attached to her. She taught me everything with patience and love, explaining every detail until I understood.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time watching her deal with everything at home. It takes plenty of work to keep a household. There are so many big and small things to take care of, and my mother put endless love into all the laundry, cooking, cleaning and other tasks. The blankets, tablecloths and napkins were all embroidered and knitted by her. Everything was so beautiful and artistically done. She used to knit sweaters and vests for us and we proudly walked around town, wearing her warm creations.

But the crowning glory was her food, which was especially delicious.

As is customary in our society, my mother learned to cook from her mother and mother-in-law. This was a time when women had to count on themselves for many things. My grandmothers held much knowledge in culinary, folk herbal medicine, wise household management and social relations. Life was very different. A great deal of that knowledge still exists, but parts are disappearing. Personally, I find it very important to maintain the knowledge and keep the recipes with much love to share for generations to come.

My mother Pierina was a central figure in my life and a great influence on me. Because of her I am a man of food, of kitchen and cooking. My mother taught me that food and cooking can be much deeper and broader than just substance for your stomach. My father and other family members completed the picture, and without them I wouldn`t be who I am today.

I always wanted to honor my mother with a present that would never be forgotten and would show my love and appreciation to her. What is more appropriate than her name on a spice? In this way, the world will get to know my mother and she will be remembered for who she is. Her name will be heard in my shop and it will always give me the feeling of her presence, bringing all the good things that I cherish. That is why I prepared a spice blend with her name: "Pierina Spice”.

This blend contains 100% pure spices. Mother herself used to prepare special blends of secret components, all of which I put in the blend. However, the real secret is my mother`s love for our family and for people in general.

So I chose to prepare it and serve it to you, a real Galilean-Nazarene blend of my childhood. Now this special flavor can be sent anywhere throughout the world, and I hope everyone will get to feel my mother`s love – the love of Nazareth and Galilee – in their own kitchens.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy Pierina’s Spice blend and will also spread love to all who surround you!