Rice spice mix

Rice spice mix

Rice spice mix
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100% purity and natural quality without any preservatives or other added subtances

Rice is not grown in the Middle East, and it has not traditionally been a part of Nazarene cuisine, which was based on growing wheat. However, the world is now a global village and rice is integral in the kitchens of Nazareth. Rice is simple to prepare and versatile. One of the most beloved dishes in Nazarene kitchens is cooking rice with fried minced meat, pine nuts and almonds.Rice is also often added to soup or used in stuffing vegetables or meat, and even for preparing candies.  

Elbabour spice infusion for rice lovers

Contains: onions, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, a mix of nuts and seeds, and special Elbabour spices  

Elbabour infusion for rice can turn a simple, basic rice dish into a real pleasure to the palate. It is also fast and easy; simply scatter the infusion through the cooked rice and serve.